Dia-Rid capsules

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Dia-Rid, capsules
medicine for diabetes,best herbal,alternative, ayurvedic cure,remedy,no side
effects.Stimulates beta cells of the pancreas to produce more insulin.DiaRid
helps reduce once craving for sweet foods.Provides anti-oxidant and detoxifying
properties.Helps in imbalanced carbohydrate metabolism..Controls long term
complications that effect vital organs such as eye, kidney etc.Reduces insulin
requirement.Nourishes the nervous system and metabolizes glucose.Dia Rid
reduces obesity considerably.Acts as strong immune modulator that provides a
feeling of well being.Reduces itching of body and recurrent attach of diabetic
abscesses by its blood purifying effect.Available on all leading retail outlets
across the world;like,medical shops,Ayurvedic retail stores,health food
stores,super markets etc..etc. For all enquiries,
989 59 77460,+91 944 712 5696 ,,,

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