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Registration is free.

Placing an ad is free.

You do not need to pay a fee.

So, it's all free.You do not have any costs.

Every day we have more thousands of visitors, maybe one of them is your customer.

If you have any questions or need help, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

The registration process, step by step:

- Select language

- Register

- Select a membership plan that matches your needs (click to Start, Extra, Pro or Max).

- Enter your e-mail address


- We sent a message on e-mail

- Open your e-mail

- Click on the link and complete the registration

After registering you can post free ads.


Step-by-step instructions for setting up Photos.

- On your computer, go to:

- Working surface

- Right click ---> New ---> Folder (click on Folder)

- "New folder" appeared on the desktop

- Change the name "New folder" to "Images for Retemax"

- Place images in the folder "Images for Retemax"

- Go to the ad

- Modify

- Select Images

- Click on "Desktop" on the left side of the window that opened

- On the right side, look for the folder "Images for Retemax"

- Open the "Images for Retemax" folder (double click on the folder to open it)

- Click on the image you want to upload to Retemax (can be one picture at a time or all together if you mark all the pictures)

- Open

- Update

To receive email message, please make sure your spam filters allow emails from Retemax.

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