Terms of use

Terms and conditions of use of the portal

1. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions of Use. By accessing and using any part of these pages, you agree to all the rules and terms of use of this website (hereinafter: Terms of use) .Retemax reserves the right to change the Terms of Use at any time and without notice. All changes take effect at the time of publication. By accessing and using any part of these pages, it is considered that the users regularly read the Terms of Use and are fully familiar with all the changes, and that they understand and accept them completely.

2. For advertising on the pages of Retemax, the user is required to register, choose a password and contact information. The user is obliged to enter accurate and true personal information in the registration form. Retemax is not responsible if the user uses incorrect and untrue personal information. Personal data is collected in accordance with the Law on the Prohibition and Prevention of Engagement unregistered activities. Retemax will do everything to protect the privacy of personal data within the meaning of the Data Protection Act and will be used only for the purposes for which they are obtained. The user agrees that Retemax uses his e-mail address to send notifications about the status of submitted ads, delivery of the bill, advertising messages and to send notifications related to the submitted ads or advertising. The user can at any time request in writing that the Retemax permanently or temporarily stops using his personal information to send messages . In this way Retemax eliminates the account , meaning that the user will not be able to use functions that are allowed only to the registered users.

3. A user who wants to set up an ad is obligated with the basic information in the registration enclose the following: - Individuals: name and surname of the user, OIB, place of residence - Legal persons: company name, headquarters, OIB, name and surname of the responsible person The requested data is collected in accordance with the Law on the Prohibition and Prevention of Engagement unregistered activities. Retemax will do everything to protect the privacy of personal data within the meaning of the Data Protection Act and will be used only for the purposes for which they were obtained.

4. Law on Copyrights protects all data related to the Retemax, and copyrights related to Retemax include texts, their design, photos, databases, and other graphical displays belonging to Retemax. Copying, transcribing, distributing and using the data for any other purpose without the permission of Retemax is against the Copyright Law and you subject to sanctions. In this case Retemax is excluded from responsibility and participation in possible disputes related to the compromising and protection of copyright on the pages of Retemax.

5. The user who in any way fails to respect and violates the rules of the Terms of Use, disrupts , slows the page or unauthorized uses the site in terms of copying the content and other possible offenses Retemax reserves the right to exclude the user from further using the page. Such actions are punishable by law, Retemax will take legal action against users who do not respect the Terms of use, for the damage or loss charges will be required.

6. It is prohibited to publish content that is inappropriate, illegal, harmful, threatening, in terms of abuse, mistreatment or in any other way jeopardizes the rights of other people. All the contents in which are used personal data of other people without their knowledge and approval are forbidden. The user is obliged to publish ads only in accordance with the Croatian Constitution, the law and other regulations, and not to publish ads that are contrary to the Croatian Constitution, the law and other applicable regulations. In particular, the user agrees not to advertise the sale of goods and sell or provide additional services that would infringe the copyright or other rights of third parties. It is prohibited to set the defective files, programs, software or a computer virus that has been found to be detrimental to the operation of another's computer. It is forbidden to set up files that have the software or other material protected by the copyright law or any law of the owner without the required authorization.

7. Content of the ad must have specific information of the subject that is to advertise and must relate only to the subject, it isn't allowed in one ad to advertise different items or additional services.Headline of the ad must describe only the subject and the images in the ad can only be the images of that subject. Lists of more products are not allowed, the ad must contain only one subject, unless it is made up of sets. Each advertisement must be staggered in the appropriate rubric.

8. Retemax wants to offer quality service to all users, and because of that Retemax reserves the right to edit, modify, delete or not publish any ads that do not meet this criterion. This especially refers in cases where the advertisement is placed in the wrong rubric, when the price or description are incorrect, when the product or advertiser violates the copyright or other intellectual property rights, when the product may cause damage or in any way infringe the intellectual property rights of another product, when the product or the content of the ad contains discriminatory aspects or by Croatian laws, unauthorized and prohibited materials, when the content is offensive, when the ad is suspicious in terms of advertising stolen or illegal goods, when in any way disrupts the quality of the content. It is strictly forbidden to place advertisements on the portal Retemax in any other way except in the way that Retemax pointed out.

9. Each publication on the portal Retemax (ads, texts, images, videos and other materials), linked or transmitted through the portal, is the responsibility of the person from whom the content originated. For the accuracy of data in advertisements published by the individual real estate agency or developer is responsible that agency or developer. Retemax gives no bail for the accuracy, completeness and verity of the ads or texts in them, not for the quality, safety and legality of offered products and services. Retemax does not guarantee the competence of the other party in concluding the agreement, correctness, completeness and accuracy of the personal data of advertisers that it properly used in business. Retemax does not guarantee that the site will not have any errors or that it will function without interruptions at all times. Also, Retemax does not guarantee that the third party will legally use the portal Retemax all the time.

10. Retemax is not responsible for any damages that may arise due to the interruption of availability, the failure to publish, or deleting an ad or error websites.

11. OAdvertisements calling for participation in various pyramid games are not allowed. Advertisements calling for playing unauthorized games of chance are not allowed.

12. The user is obliged to take care of the security of their user passwords and occasionally change it. Retemax is not responsible for the cases of abuse of user passwords, but will immediately after the user informs him of the likely misuse act appropriate.

13. By publishing the ad the user agrees to conscientiously answer inquiries of other users (by phone or e-mail). The user must have an active e-mail address at which occasionally checks the mail. The Portal Retemax allows potential buyers, sellers, lessors, lessees to create and independently enter into further reciprocal arrangements. The use of portal Retemax does not make Retemax responsible for the sale, purchase, rent, lease nor is Retemax part of the sales process, except when it Retemax specifically contracts with the user. Retemax is a mediator in the negotiation of individual services, but it does not make Retemax in charge of their execution.

14. The user agrees to receive occasional e-mail address associated with the activities of the portal Retemax. E-mails may occasionally contain advertising messages. The user at any time is able to request in writing that the Retemax permanently or temporarily stops using their personal information to send messages.

15. Retemax can not be responsible for any content displayed on sites of third parties on which can allow temporary access. The Portal Retemax may contain links to other sites, but Retemax is not responsible for services or products which have been reached in this way.

16. Links to sites that advertise various services are not allowed. Only the customer who is a partner to portal Retemax is allowed to put links on their own web store. Links to sites that are competitive are not permitted, and Retemax reserves the right to assess whether the link is approved or not.

17. In case of any requests of third parties to Retemax for damages related to the published content, the user takes the responsibility and obligation to take all actions to protect Te max of such requests. Retemax is not responsible for any damage of any kind incurred as a result of such relations. The user agrees to indemnify to Retemax any damage that is created based on the requests of third parties, on any grounds related to the published content.

18. Retemax does not guarantee that the user will be able to access the ad on the portal Retemax when it expires. It is recommended that users save content and images of the ads for themselves if they want to use it later.

19. Retemax is a free Classifieds.

20. The Portal Retemax uses software which analyzes the use of the site, and thus acquires the knowledge of the needs of its users. In this connection the cookies are used that the user recognizes in the opportunity of re-visiting. The cookies can be through the appropriate settings on the browser rejected or deleted. This can lead to that some functions of the portal Retemax can no longer be fully used. The mentioned software with it collects and stores some technical data, including the IP address of the user. In no case does it lead to the identification of people who are behind those data or to collection of the personal information. Those data also aren't connected with the personal information of the users. Using the portal Retemax the user gives their consent for the described method of conducting analyzes using this website.